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Noelle Peterson is passionate about helping women step into their identity and power so that they can create the life they desire. She is the author of Dream Life Planner: Move From Tired and Overwhelmed to Free and Empowered, co-author of Achieve Wellness and the pretty half of the Smiling Coaching Couple. Noelle helps women awaken their dreams and design a path to reach them. She works with you on your identity, values and boundaries by raising your awareness of your innate purpose and desire allowing you to align your daily tasks and goals with your life's dream.

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My name is Noelle. I help women find their identity once their kids move out. We all have a purpose and being a mom or housewife isn't necessarily the ultimate goal. Life is honestly incredible once we figure out our why. I like writing, speaking and helping women thrive in their passion.

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Unlock Your Potential for a Fulfilling Future

Check out this program to help you find their identity when the there must be more to life.

Dream Life Planner

My first book! This resources is a great tool to help you walk through where you are in life and where do you really want to be.

Achieve Wellness

Stories from industry influencers to help you ACHIEVE optimal WELLNESS in your life

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Empowering Women Blog

Overcoming Ageism

Midlife moms, in particular, often find themselves facing ageism and the "invisible woman" syndrome, feeling as though their contributions and worth are overlooked due to their age. ...more

Empowering Women

June 19, 20233 min read

Overcoming Ageism

Taking Action is Essential, Even When Life Gets Busy

life can become overwhelming and hectic taking action and following through on your commitments is crucial when it comes to achieving personal and professional success ...more

Empowering Women

June 12, 20233 min read

Taking Action is Essential, Even When Life Gets Busy

Embracing Our Influence

Empowering women to discover their purpose in order to achieve their dreams ...more

Empowering Women

June 06, 20233 min read

Embracing Our Influence

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Noelle is a powerhouse of strength and enthusiasm. She has made it her life's mission to help women realize their individual purpose and discover the power they hold within themselves. She is passionate about inspiring women to take charge of their lives and embrace their unique gifts.

From leading workshops to teaching courses, Noelle has helped countless women unlock true prosperity through uncovering what they were truly meant to do with their lives. Noelle will be speaking to your women's group about how to draw upon inner strength and uncover purpose in order to empower one another for greater success.

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